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Residential Housing Dhahran Camp

FEED and detail design engineering for Dhahran Camp new residential villas, apartments and support facilities including schools, community center, recreation center, musalla, day care facility and a fire station.

Onshore Maintain Potential for oil, gas and water well tie-ins

SLFE is providing engineering, procurement assistance and field engineering support during the construction of 200+ oil, gas and water wells, in addition to miscellaneous well works located across Saudi Arabia.

PMS for Wasit Program

SLFE has a PMS team assisting SAPMT with multiple activities such as construction management, engineering support, and verification of LSTK contractor's compliance with Saudi Aramco requirements.

Unconventional Gas Development - System B

SLFE is performing detail design for 40 gas well sites including all well works and flow lines that will tie in to multiple surface processing facilities. In addition, our scope includes a large gas export pipeline with associated valve stations.