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Company Overview

Our People

People are at the heart of our business and the reason for our continued success. Over the years, we have been privileged to attract some of the most talented professionals in our industry. SLFE's leadership team shapes our corporate culture and drives our business forward with their collective experience, dedication and commitment.

Ashraf Al-Khaznadar

Mohammad Obeid
Vice-President Operations

Wassim Freij
Vice-President Engineering

John Kaye
Financial Controller

Fady Sakr
Director Business Development

Salem Al-Omai
Director HR, Admin & Training

Ryan Alchakaki
Director Quality and Compliance

Galaleldin Ibrahim
Project Services Manager

Ahmad Al-Ghamdi
HSSE Manager


SLFE adheres to the SNC-Lavalin's integrity program encompassing Ethics and Compliance. Integrity is represented at the highest level in our organization with a dedicated board committee in addition to an in-house compliance officer. Together, they manage and deal with all potential matters related to ethics and business conduct.

Features related to our Ethics and Compliance program include:

  • Code of ethics and business conduct manual and certification
  • Anti-corruption manual
  • Training and certification program
  • Policies and procedures guiding actions of employees and business partners
  • Compliance auditing and internal reporting policies and procedures

Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE)

We highly value the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors and clients.  As individuals and as an organization we are committed to demonstrate visible safety leadership to prevent all injuries, incidents and environmental impacts and ensure compliance with the local regulations and legislation.  Our goal is to ensure that every person returns home safely at the end of each day’s work and incorporates these principles into their personal life.

We ensure that our employees are provided high quality trainings to identify potential hazards, comprehensive workplace evaluation to appropriately manage the associated risk levels, and provide responsive, safe and trusted solutions to our clients.

We constantly look for opportunities to improve our services and processes and be recognized by our clients, peers and stakeholders as innovators and leaders in health, safety and security.

We foster cooperation and collaboration in our organization and we promote safety as everyone’s responsibility.

Our HSSE program has been developed and maintained based on ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 standards for development, implementation and monitoring.


Our QA/QC program is part of the SNC-Lavalin's Integrated Management System (IMS) and has been developed and maintained based on ISO 9000 standards. Under our management's commitment, we ensure that the quality system is maintained and implemented as intended.

Employee awareness of the quality management system and quality objectives has a vital impact on maintaining a vigilant implementation of the documented procedures. Therefore employee awareness is enhanced through timely presentations during the induction process, project execution and the scheduled quality auditing schemes.

Employee awareness is enhanced through timely presentations during the induction process, project execution and the scheduled quality auditing schemes.

Quality reviews and design verification are an integral part of the project management and engineering processes including contract reviews, project plan preparation, engineering design, studies, procurement services and construction supervision assistance.


SLFE has a fully operational office facility based in Al-Khobar, which has the space for multiple projects being executed simultaneously. We fully occupy the entire seven floor flagship building at the Auto Moto complex, which is located along the Old Khobar-Dammam Highway.

SLFE operates and delivers services from its 10,000m2 office that has open plan work stations, professional offices, different size conference rooms, a dedicated training facility, a canteen lunch area and a mousallah. The building has the capacity for over 1,000 employees and more than 300 parking spaces. In addition to SLFE personnel, the facility is home to more than 200 clients including Saudi Aramco PMT and project personnel from various EPC/LSTK contractors.

Data and communication links to our International affiliate offices are in place including video conferencing. The direct electronic communication/data links to the global SNC-Lavalin offices allows access to corporate systems and procedures, and access to key technical specialist input/support when required.